What is KenMore Kreative?

We are a non-profit group focused on bringing the ARTS in all its forms to the families of Kenmore. Founded in early 2017, KenMore Kreative creates and facilitates opportunities to engage the community through workshops, theatrical productions, participation in civic activities, and partnering with neighborhood schools to enhance in class and extracurricular activities.


KenMore Kreative Youth Theatre

 KenMore Kreative Youth Theater (KMKYT) was launched in early 2017 when an ambitious young lady of Kenmore, Chloe Freeman, came to the newly formed organization and said, "I want to direct a play and I have friends who want to be in it." The production that followed, Alice and Wonderland, was the first of its kind in the area. All aspects of the production were brainstormed and created by community youth with only adult supervision and consultation. KenMore Kreative quickly realized that a youth theatre in this format would be a unique vehicle to serve an artistic need here in the Kenmore neighborhood whole fostering relationships between the community youth and families and Kenmore's business owners and community leaders. Partnering with The Rialto Theater for that first production led to the initiation of what is hoped to become a new Holiday tradition on the Boulevard-live performances of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

What have we done?

Alice and Wonderland Play

A Charlie Brown Christmas Play

Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit Play

Paint a banner for Countdown to First Night

Host the Innes Talent Show

Coordinate Basic Acting workshop at Innes

Support Innes Drama Club

Busk till Dusk 


Lauren Prescutti- President

Irene Mack-Schafer -

Vice President/Treasurer

Yulia Gray-Chair of Theater

Chloe Freeman-Student Ambassador

Sonia Varner- Communications

A special thank you to our sponsors, partners and collaborators!

The Rialto Theater

Park United Methodist Church 


Peg's Foundation

The Welty Family Foundation