January Blog

 Hey there! My name is Cierra and I attend Firestone High School as a Sophomore for our ASA theatre program, which  is pretty awesome.  I may not be involved with a crew just yet, but soon I plan to be, because at Firestone, crew is a place for everyone. This past month we started rehearsing for the upcoming Musical titled Big Fish: The Musical,  which will be the first and second weekend of March 2019. This musical tells a story of a son whose father falls ill and the son struggles with who his father really is. It’s a great family show to go see, plus, who doesn't like Firestone’s shows?


Weathervane Playhouse is also busy preparing for their musical Dreamgirls premiering February 21st. On their season schedule they describe their musical as “Dreamgirls is a show about a time in American musical history when rhythm and blues blended with other styles of popular music creating a new American sound.”  This is a great family show to go and see. If you haven’t heard of either production, they both have been made into movies, check them out!


Finally, we at KenMore Kreative plan to collaborate with the Kenmore Community Center to have a Day Camp for the Arts in March, since March is National Youth Arts Month. We’ll be planning to have a reader’s theatre, where scripts are passed out and we read on the spot. Literally, you will  just pick it up and start acting automatically. In addition, we plan to have  a  BIG painting project where we’ll all collaborate on one project. Who knows? We might even have improv games that are played as a group so everyone can play and show us all what you’ve got. Oh boy! If you don’t know what improv is, you’re surely missing out! It is a type of theatre where you can create the story or skit with others as you perform it...on the spot!  It tends to be hilarious! The thing to remember is; “DON’T THINK, JUST DO”. 


Along with those ideas we plan to have even more things to come. I really hope that I will see you and your friends there! Oh, and please don’t forget to check our website (www.kenmorekreative.org)  or facebook/instagram (Kenmore Kreative) regularly for updates!!



With love and care, 

Cierra Jacobs-Mack